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Such a letdown

You literally have to pay to send a message or do anything. Sorry but I don’t need to pay to potentially meet a friend or two. So odd... stick with Facebook groups or other free ways to socialise. A huge let down because i was looking to seriously meet people as I just moved to Europe from the US. Oh well, on to the next.


Wonderful app

Worst UX ever

The UX for this app is HORRIBLE!!! Also, the app isn’t very intuitive and there wasn’t much user activity.

Very Disappointing

Very disappointing. In more than a month I have seen no socials being organized in the Boston area. About 90% percent of users don't ever respond to chats although they encourage people to say hi. Maybe the app will pick up in the future but now nothing is happening.

It's ok

I was hoping to be able to make friends in a new city, but you have to pay to see who views you. Weird.

Good way to meet people

Interesting app and design. But it works.

great to make new friends

love this app recently moved to a new city great to make new friends

Can't tell if it's a good app

They should offer free trial period. Maybe the paid version is worth it, but I don't know. It is a good concept.

So bad!!!

I like the idea of it. But there are too many technical issues in notifications! Also it requires you to pay to gain access to everything! Which once you do is also bad!

Surprisingly bad

This could be a good app but their decision to make the app not usable at all until you pay at least $15 destroys its potential. Within a day of setting up this app, I received a few "welcome" messages from a few "community managers". I wanted to say thanks to the welcome but I can't reply until I pay for the app. This feels more like bait and switch than welcome. Don't waste your time and money on this one. There are a number of apps provide similar services, free of charge and have a larger user base.


Does a great job

App review

❤️❤️ app is really cool ,fun decent pple !

Good app

Awesome social app to find local people and events

Great concept, great users, poor coding and support

I have used this app for little over two weeks. Seems like a promising idea and great people. Their website and app have hiccups. I can't seem to delete some duplicate pictures on the website or their mobile os. In fact my mobile app on shows I have one picture. Tried to reach out to support from their email, through app, through website. No answer, horrible support.

Good start...maybe?

I am in Columbus, OH which is a large market with a lot of active people however not too many people have joined yet. Obviously that is the case with a new app but would be nice to see better integration into FB or some other network. Hopefully will have features to differentiate itself from MeetUp which has become rather cumbersome. Keep it simple and fun!

Good people on this site

So far, I've met some great people through this app. I've been in NYC for awhile but I'm always looking for new friends.


A fun time.


Love the app. Makes finding people with the same interests incredibly easy.


It's a cool app to use to invite new people to your events.

Nice app!

It's a good one

Looks promising

I haven't been to a social yet but I want to!

Its great,

Its very simple simple to use and it doesnt have any problems! Its a great way to meet people.

Good app

Only thing is it needs a little more functionality prior to subscribing.

Waste of time, unreliable events that get canceled, boring events

If you are looking to meet new people and find I interesting venues, don't use this app. I signed up for the one event that seemed fun, bought a ticket, the host ended up canceling the event 2 days before since tickets were sold out. How did she not buy a ticket to an event she was hosting?... I ended up going solo, had a good time, but I didn't spend money on an app to joint a "community" to do things by myself. Most of the weekly events are drinks at a some common tourist bar. There isn't anything exciting. If your a woman you'll get messages from a ton of men, I wasn't slightly interested in any of them. Don't waste your time or money.

Enrolled for a month subscription . Charged for 3 months !

Crap! Don't waste your time. I suggest not others to pay for this app and it's completely waste of use

Good app

It's good for meeting people in new cities


I'm really enjoying this app

Great App!

Great for young, new residents of a city who don't know a soul and equally great for lifelong residents who want to expand their friendship circles! I'm 19 and living in London for the summer and I thought "surely there's nobody my age using an app to make friends" but boy was I wrong! There are people of all ages on here! They even offer a section where you can browse profiles of people near your age! I give this app 4 stars due to the fact that the membership is pricey and you can't direct message people without the membership. They should totally offer a student discount or a free trial! I would still recommend this app to anybody new or old to a city that wants to easily find new friends and try some new activities out!


I love this app..all new thing ,good for making a new friends

Life saver

Great way to meet people especially if you are new to a large city such as NYC

Can't use app

I can't make an account with the app, either get an internal server week or an error that just says something went wrong.

Useless app

Don't pay

Nice but expensive

The app is great, aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. Unfortunately the service is useless without the pricey upgrade.


The app functions well-- as in no crashing. That is the only reason to give it one star. Can't do anything with this unless you have a paid membership.

Hidden fees

This app is essentially useless unless you decide to upgrade to their "premium" membership which is like 20 bucks. You can't message anyone, reply to messages, join socials, do anything really without upgrading. Their customer service is great, however - I received like 3 messages, 1 from the founder and 2 from other account managers asking how my experience was going. But in terms of meeting people I'm not sure this is for me. If you are willing to pay, then it could be great but that's not something I'm interested in doing at this time. Best of luck though, and if you ever change your format I would be happy to re-join.

Good app, but only for premium users

Good only for premium users


This is a really great tool to meet new people and try new places! Perfect for those who just moved to a new city!


Finding it to be a great way to make new friends in a new city.

Meeting people with common interests

This is a good app for meeting new people with common interests when you're in a new city

Meeting friends :)

Moving to a new city is hard, I'm glad apps such as this exist.

For loners and newbbies

... Great app to connect with people & make friends.

Only for the UK/EU?

I downloaded this app thinking it would be a good way for me to meet people (I'm about to move across the country for work with no friends/roommates). It looks like a really cool app, easy to use/upload a profile. However I think it's currently for the UK/EU because the cities are not for the US. Cool concept and app, though I don't know if the "subscription" part would ever get off the ground; I don't believe people would actually pay for this service. But I could be wrong!

Great for newbies in town

I love the concept because it's an easy and simple way to meet people but my only gripe with it is that you have to pay for a membership to access anything! I suppose it's to weed out any bots or sketchy people but it took me by surprise when I first downloaded the app.

Worth the purchase

Even a seasoned city girl likes to make new friends cause the more the merrier! So far I've met some interesting fun people! Consider me hooked!


Easy to use, view and harness new connections.

Seems cool

I haven't actually used the app to join an event yet but it seems like a good way to meet new people

Great app

This app is great to meet new people and have a good time.

Great app



I like it

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